Work those Stripes!

Why follow the rules, when the whole fun is in breaking them?

I was never an obedient student in school. Yes, I was part of the group where all we did was break each and every possible rule of the school. This continued in my college life too. Fortunately or unfortunately, it has now become an inseparable part of my personality.

I just love putting people in their place, especially when it comes to some useless talks/beliefs they have. I do get frustrated by the fashion rules/norms set by certain people in the industry and people have been blindly following them ever since then. I refuse to follow it and surrender to the so called fashion do’s and don’ts! Why follow, when you can lead?

Stripes, a lot of specifications are attached to it. From what kind of body should wear it? To what kind of Stripes? Big or small. To what kind of pattern? Vertical or Horizontal.

A big body can’t carry or shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes. This is yet another rule I wanted to break, but in style!

How do you like this look? Do share your views in the comment section below. 🙂

Top – SES

Skirt – Valley girl

Cape – Valley girl

Shoes – Street Style Store

Sunglasses – Forever21

Photo Credits – Harkirat Kaur


Anchal Mehra

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