Top 10 places to see in Sydney

Planning your next trip to Sydney, Australia. Here’s a quick guide of Ten best places to see in Sydney… ๐Ÿ˜€

1. Harbour Bridge and Opera House

The two most iconic places in Sydney and a pit stop for every tourist – Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The work of steel, Harbour Bridge connects central and north Sydney. Opera House is a centre for performing arts.

2. Sydney Tower

Enjoy a 360 degree view of Sydney from the top of Westfield Sydney tower – tallest tower in Sydney.
Another reason to go here would be the amazing Westfield shopping mall.

3. Darling Harbour

A great place to relax and enjoy your meal. Enjoy at one of the finest restaurants in Sydney. This place is always lively no matter what day or hour you go! Being a tourist place, this place usually have some or other interesting activities going on. The time I went, the place had a beach set up and a giant wheel.

4. Queen Victoria Building

For all the shopaholics, this is a place to be at! Not just shopping, this place will also impress you with its beautiful architecture and interiors. Two big clocks are attached to ceiling that buzz every hour. Sometimes Queen’s precious jewelry is also displayed at the top level of the building.

5. Grounds of Alexandria

If you want to enjoy food with organically done place then this should definitely be on your list! A pie shop that converted into mini clusters of garden kitchen, florist, coffee shop and a farm. The place gets closes early in the evening, make sure you go on time!

6. Sydney Aquarium

Do you want to witness life under water without actually dipping in? Then Sydney Aquarium showcases variety of marine species.

7. Watson’s Bay

Take a ferry from central quay, to reach the bay. Enjoy mouth- watering sea food with a spectacular view.

8. Manly

A good place to enjoy beach and shopping. If you aren’t keen to go for dip, then sip a coffee and enjoy the area.

9. Blue mountains

Two hours drive from Sydney, this place serves as the nearby hill station. From worlds steepest train, to echo area at the three sisters, to the cable car… it has a lot to offer!

10. Kiama

Famous for its Kiama blowhole, this place is known for its picturesque background, nearby beaches and good sea food outlets!

Seven miles beach is another place to go, which is few kms away. The beach is secluded, thereby intact with a crystal clear water and sand full of shells!

I hope my post can help you plan your next trip. ๐Ÿ˜€


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