The Green door!

All of us are looking for a hassle- free life without any chaos, working hard for better future. Whether it’s for basic needs or for luxuries, everyone is working or finding some or the other way to lead a better life. A successful future is what we are striving for.

It’s like we all are waiting on the same line, for the signal to turn from red to green and with the change to move forward. Not just moving but to move before everyone else does. The greed to be better than the rest!

While we all are eagerly waiting for the signal to change colors, the wait is getting on our nerves, the greed to be ahead of others is stressing us and making us impatient. While some choose to wait for the green signal, waiting for the right path and then make a move. Others are taking short-cuts in the rush to leave others behind and taste success before anyone else. 

It is often said that if all the doors shut, a new door will open. There is something better and special coming for you. Same as the signal, we all are looking for that one door to open. That one opportunity  that will knock at us and will help us grow and lead a better lifestyle.

As far as I am concerned, I am also looking for that one opportunity that will make things turn for good. Trying to be patient and waiting for the signal to turn green, for the opportunity that will help me to do better and lead a successful life only by choosing the right path.

What is your take on the same? Do tell me in the comment section below. 🙂

Top – Temt, Sydney

Skirt – Forever 21

Heels – Zara

Neckpiece – Lovisa, Sydney

Bag – River Island

Photo Credits – Aman Raj


Anchal Mehra

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