Shopping is always a good idea!

Apart from sightseeing and beach layovers, I spent most of my time in the shopping mall! Trust me, I can shop anywhere… anytime…. Yes, I am guilty of being a shopaholic. But my shopping habit might help you a little for your next trip to Sydney. I am sharing some of my favorite stores and what to expect there : –

1. Sheike

Selecting an outfit for a special occasion or a formal outing, this place will cater to all your fancy needs. Be it sexy or classy, this store has a lot to offer. You won’t leave the store empty- handed.

2. Mimco

An Australian designer brand which is well – known for its bags, precious jewelry and phone covers.

3. Valley girl

The store is full of chic and feminine styles. A plethora of cuts, colors and styles is what brings me here.

4. Jay jays

If casual is your thing, then this place is definitely for you! Graphic tees, denims, badges and what not ! All at a very affordable price.

5. Pandora

A big fan of precious jewelry ? This store has a variety of modern styles. It is best known for its bracelets with charms.

6. Dotti

Known for its vibrant prints, store can be best categorized for it’s bohemian styles . Apart from that they also have a range of party dresses.

7. Colette by Colette Hayman

A good place to buy neck-piece and party clutches at a reasonable price.

8. Glassons

Class, Sophistication and chic are few words that come to my mind when I think about this store.

9. Lovisa

An accessories store which has the most convenient yet beautiful display of it’s products which are bsectioned color- wise. This place is usually maddening during sales. Well, why wouldn’t it be ? Everything is half price!

10. Bardot

If bodycon, well – structured garments are your thing, head to this chic style store.


Dress - H&M, Melbourne
 Heels - Forever New
 Sunglasses - Forever21

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