Separation, Stillness and Hope : Autumn

Some people are like seasons, they come in your life for a period of time and leave. While it does not necessarily mean your relationship with them wasn’t strong enough. It came to an end because it fulfilled the purpose, good or bad. They came and gave a whole new meaning to your life. 

Just like in autumn, the leaves fall from the tree. Even though they are no more part of the tree but they once made the tree look green, beautiful and full of life. 

Separation is hard but the truth is nothing is permanent. .


After separation, it’s really important to have some alone time. To learn what the relationship gave you. To pause yourself for a while. 

To introspect! 

To mourn the non-existence of the living being, who once held importance in your life.

The phase is temporary but the healing is permanent. 

Just like autumn leaves are calm and still at one place, but are swept away later. 

The stillness is temporary but the growth of the tree is permanent.

Not just mourning autumn, it is also a season which makes everything around, beautiful and vibrant. Autumn shows how a dead thing can still add life to its surroundings. Lifeless yet it adds beauty to the environment. 

Life goes on even when people leave. Their presence in your life must be because of a purpose. When they leave, they make you a different person altogether. They add a new meaning to your life.

Appreciate people who came in your life and welcome who will be coming! 

Nothing is permanent! Hope is the only thing we can hold on to. 

Enjoy with people you love, care about, make endless memories because you never know when it’s too late.


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Anchal Mehra

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