Sasswati by Krafted with happiness!

Krafted with happiness, a brand known for it’s colorful quirky accessories is about to turn heads with their vibrant clothes. Yes, you read it right! They have recently launched their clothing section and just like their accessories, the clothes are full of life too! 

The new addition is named, Roots by Krafted with happiness! It celebrates the vibrancy and happiness present in every nook and corner of colorful bohemian India. Hand embroidered fabrics from Gujarat, hand – block prints and embellishments from Rajasthan are used in the Roots collection.

The spirit behind the collection was to create the amalgamation of comfortable contemporary clothing while still retaining the beautiful essence of our country, celebrating the evolution of the modern Indian woman.

Roots, brings out the perfect blend of the sass of west while being a desi at heart!

How you liked my fusion? Do tell me in the comment section below. 🙂

Jacket – Sasswati by Krafted with Happiness

Shirt – H&M

Patiala Salwar – Kamakshi

Sunglasses – H&M

Photo Credits – Asutosh Bansal (The Picture Phactory)


Anchal Mehra

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