Same same but different!

While editing images for this blog post, my mind was filled with philosophical thoughts. 
Since I was a philosophy student, I tend to observe and interpret deep meanings from a picture. So,I am sharing my version. 
 An earthen pot carried by the woman and the backpack by me, were both symbolic of baggage we all are carrying in our lives. While one section of society is carrying the burden of studies, of job, of social acceptance, other section is still struggling to acquire the basic necessities. Our needs and wants distinguish us from each other and put us into different categories of the society yet we are all the same. There are two different sides of the same coin, but essentially the value of the coin remains same. Likewise, we may have different needs and wants, but humans essentially are struggling and working towards the same goal – betterment of their own future.We all stand alone for our own but that ‘standing’ is shared by all. 
 For this look, I styled my summer skirt (worn as a dress) with a Anorak coat, teamed it with beige boots and cap for a sporty street style.

You can call it a mere coincidence but I believe things happen for a reason. Like out of the twenty graffiti walls, I got clicked in front of this and ended up posing quite similar to the woman in the background. 

Do let me know, if you guys could connect with these images as much as I did.

Dress – Sydney
Anorak – Zara
Boots – Forever21
Backpack – Levis 

Anchal Mehra

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