‘Rebel’ in Her

Being a styling student, I have been getting a lot of shoots from last two weeks. One of them was a jewellery shoot which I am sharing with you all today.

As it was a jewellery shoot, the prime focus was obviously jewellery. We were supposed to build a story around the same. So, here is the story for my shoot – ‘ An Arabic girl who moved out of her place, to a Big city. She got attracted to Punk culture because of the rebel nature she had inside her, therefore adopting the culture. But that doesn’t mean she forgot her roots. Few elements she carried from her culture can easily be seen.’

Instead of using golden arabic jewellery, use of silver has been done to compliment the punk style. Arabic waist belt has been used as neck piece, which has been layered along with a Choker and a skull necklace.

Spikey hairband, Black studded belt, Skull rings and hand band are all the Punk style the girl adopted. Chain made of coins is attached to the belt, which is an arabic style. Fusion has been done using safety pins and coins into an accessory which is tied to the girl’s shorts.

What do you think of the look?
Leave a comment below. 🙂

Hairband – On my own
Necklace – Forever21 & Janpath
Rings – Forever21
Safety Pin accessory – On my Own
Coin chain, Belt – Janpath


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