Ready to take on world!

There are days when you want to stay inside your blanket and be as close to your bed as possible. Then there are days when you are just ready to take whatever life throws at you! 
Being part of blogging world, I have to face a lot of criticism for not having THE PERFECT BODY like other fashion bloggers. I get a lot of body shaming messages from people. Yes, like any other person, I cry,but I know I am not here to fit IN. That is something that gives me strength and movtivates me to continue to do what I love.
Our clothes are not always statement worthy but you can still make them look like one by adding accessories or doing dramatic makeup/hair.In this post, I have drawn attention to my face by wearing big silver sunglasses and given a tough look to my hairstyle. 

What are your views on this look? Share in the comment section below. 🙂
Shirt Dress – Lifestyle
Bag – Forever21
Sunglasses – Forever21
Shoes – Kins
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