Positive vibes only!

Every time I log in to my Facebook or Instagram account, I see negativity all around.

Social media has now become a weapon and everyone is using it to shoot down others confidence and self – esteem.
Open any picture, story or a video, the comment section will be filled with bad and nasty words.

What was the purpose of social media?
To connect people from all over the world, to make like minded people come together. But, what is happening?
Instead of connecting, people are disconnecting with each other. No human emotions are left. Yes, like minded people do come together but to kill others image or view point.

The kind of hate messages I see, disheartens me! Why you are so fat? Why you are so skinny? Why so black? Why so white? Ugly teeth? Bad hair?
Why do you even have an opinion ? Why not this ? Why not that ?

Let’s just admit, we all have seen such messages. The only thing that can be done to control such negativity on social media is by IGNORING. The writer/ creator of the post can try to ignore such comments ( I know it’s not that easy). Readers/ Viewers, can simply choose to ignore the content they don’t like. If you really want to give your opinion make sure it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feeling yet your advise is taken in a healthy manner.

Let’s just get rid of negativity and spread Positive vibes only!

Dress – Lakshita
Neckpiece- Exhibition

Anchal Mehra

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