Outdated: Not really!

My last few posts were mainly focused on casual day wear. For this post, I planned to do a look which can be worn for both day and night parties. As a blogger, there are days when hopping from one event to another is my only option and changing clothes for the same, would be a task! If your profession/ schedule seems similar to mine, then this post is for you. 😀 Opt for a look which is minimal yet glamorous. 

My main idea to create this look was to use the neglected clothes in our closet which we don’t wear only because some magazine or a website called them out-dated. Wearing my high – low top with basic black skirt. 

For me, fashion has always been a way of expressing my feelings and mood to the world. I hate when people’s lives are dictated by magazines/websites/celebs’. There is no shame in following your heart. Wear what makes you happy. Social acceptance shouldn’t be as important because no matter what you do, society will still judge you. I think best fashion comes from college students, who create new styles everyday with their limited means and add cultural touch to the contemporary fashion world. Fashion isn’t meant to confine one’s personality, it is liberating, it is a means of exercising your freedom to express and break the rules!

How do you like my look? Do tell me in the comment section below. 🙂

Top – Chica Booti

Skirt – Dotti

Heels – Kin’s

Photo Credits  – Pause Click Save ( Harkirat Kaur)


Anchal Mehra

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