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The other day I was watching an episode of ‘Sex and the City’ – ‘I heart NY’ wherein Carrie talks about her love for the city and tries to convince Big to stay in New York for all things the city has to offer and not leave for California.
This left me thinking about my own city, New Delhi. Just like Carrie, I am too attached to my city and don’t want to live anywhere else. However, seeing her boast about her city while demeaning other cities was not a pleasant sight for me. This made me introspect, just to realize that I have also bragged about my city to my cousins who are from small cities. I realized how irrational and insensitive I must have sounded while doing that.
Is it just the love for the city that drives us to think that way? or is it because some of us consider metro cities to be superior than others? 
If only someone can answer these questions for me.
A lot has been said about my city and a lot more will be said. Sometimes bad (pollution, crime rate and rape capital) and sometimes good ( as Mirza Ghalib said ” The world is the body, Delhi it’s soul “). Like every coin has two sides, my city is also known for its fast life as well as peaceful pastures. I prefer the latter more – peaceful side. Taking stroll in the park, sitting in a roof top cafe/ restaurant watching sunset,  sitting around a monument and gazing at it for hours is my kind of Delhi. This city never fails to amaze me!
Personally, the only thing I love after Fashion, is surrounding myself with nature. Whenever I want to break-free from this concrete jungle, the park is the only place which helps me rejuvenate and revive myself. To make peace with myself and the soak in some more beauty of my city, I decided to dedicate a day to my neighborhood park.
 Everyone has to find their own kind of happiness. It’s important to know what makes you happy and then go for it! So I combined a few of my favorites together – natural beauty, dressing up and photo shoot… and there I was – back to my happy and peppy self!


Share your views about your city, in the comment section below.
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