Men on Sundays

Hello everyone!

Today, I am sharing my first men’s styling project. The project was inspired by Kinfolk magazine. It is a lifestyle magazine that publishes quarterly. The layout of the magazine is simple, subtle and the colors are mostly pastel. The fashion and style in the magazine is minimal and classy.

I have created four looks on the theme – Men on Sundays

1. Romantic one

With weekdays full of work, men want to get all the stress out and meet the love of their life. Going on romantic date to compensate for NO talking days.

2. Book Lover

Books are man’s best friends as they aid in romanticizing and never judge. A cup of coffee is a drug for them.

3. The Sportsman

Men and Sports have special bonding. Sunday, be the best day to play or to watch a game.

4. Relaxed One

While other men have something or the other to do, these aren’t those type. They divert all the time to themselves by chilling at home or by sleeping.

This is yet another post where I did the photography by myself.
I hope you like the looks done the Kinfolk style. I will be doing more of men’s look soon.
You can share your views on the same, in the comment section below.


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