Letter from her lover….

She is looking out of her house, her eyes are searching for someone.

The eyes that did not blink, looking straight towards the road. 

For whom ?

The hour long stare finally comes to an end, when an old man riding a bicycle comes and halts in front of her. 

She is all excited to see the man, the man on the other hand was all calm, he knew the excitement, he has seen this before! He knew it was for the letter she has been waiting for.

She runs inside with joy, to open THE letter…

She opens THE letter, it was from no one but her lover. She chokes for a second. A tear drops from her eye, and lands on the letter.

It was a tear of joy! 

The letter had the news of her lover’s home coming. 

Her wait was finally over. She will finally meet her lover and the thought made her dance. .


Finally, the day came! She was all excited to meet him and couldn’t control herself. .

Her lover did come but only to shock her. He didn’t not come alone, he was accompanied by a woman. .

He introduced the woman as his wife! 

 * A moment of silence* 

The girl stared straight into his eyes with her teary eyes, even before the tear could drop on her cheeks; she takes few steps back, turns and runs away from him. 

To never look back. 

The lies, the fake promises and the betrayal, changed her forever. Now, she is all by herself! .

A strong, independent woman who  will never give her heart to anyone..

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