Let’s color it – Triadic!

Colors play an important role when dressing up! A color might work for one occasion but the very same color won’t work for the other occasion. Like, a bright yellow skirt will look good when going out for a casual meet – up with friends but the same won’t work for your office meeting.

If you are one of those people, who cannot easily decide which color to match with the other while dressing up. Then, Color Wheel is the solution to your problem.  The Color Wheel helps you decide which all colors can be clubbed together for a harmonious result. Color Wheel offers different color schemes with which one can achieve this harmony – Complimentary, Analogous, Triadic and Split – Complimentary colors. 

Sharing my new look which I created using the Triadic colors – Red, Yellow, Blue. Instead of using all the three colors in my clothing, I used Red as part of my accessory.




How do you like the look? Do share your views in the comment section below. 🙂

Top – FabAlley

Skirt – Forever21

Bag – River Island

Shoes – Kin’s

Photo Credits – Zoom The Lens

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Anchal Mehra

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