Let the princess embrace the darkness!

Both good and bad, reside in us. It’s upon us who we would like to choose. Who we let IN, and conquer our mind. A single moment, incident or action is enough to turn a beautiful soul into an evil one. Your actions will decide the coarse of your future.

 But is it always bad to be part of the dark? 

Isn’t it true that only after darkness, you know the importance of light!

Sometimes, even princess have to choose the dark side. The choice she makes might be for her own self. To fight her inner emotions and battles. Is it important? Is it okay? Yes, as long as the self battle makes her better.

Knowing her own darkness is the best way to deal with other people’s darkness. Because only darkness can help her overcome, grow and fight all the odds. Conquering her mind will give her more power.

Rescuing her own self because no one else did it for her! And that’s how a queen is made, sometimes. 

What do you think? Do share your views in the comment section below. 🙂

Dress – Faballey

Shoes – Kins

Photo Credits – Asutosh Bansal ( The Picture Phactory )


Anchal Mehra

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