Is it just me or every other girl has got at least one Leopard print in her closet? Have you ever wondered why girls like it so much? Is it due to the symbolic meaning that accompanies it – Wild, Fierce and the Fearless; which makes it more like-able?
More often it is associated with Power. A style statement which speaks for itself.Makes a person stand out,from the crowd. One statement piece of the print, and you are good to go.
Since its Leopard Print, its a sin if I don’t do a Party look. Apart from the obvious, I incorporated the print in casual outfit of the day.
Look 1
Kimono – Gifted
Dress – Chica Booti, Sydney
Shoes – Stelatoes
Body chain – Forever21
Ring bracelet & Ring – Soni Sapphire
Clutch – Colette by hayman
Look 2
Kimono – Gifted
Dress – Paper Scissors, Sydney
Shoes – Stelatoes
Watch – Sheen, Casio
Sunglasses – Mango
Belt – Bangkok
Arm Cuff – Forever21
Bag – Kardashian Kollection
I read this somewhere – ” I have never come across a Leopard print, I dint like.”  OMG, same with me. ( High Five 😀 ) 
May be that’s the reason I currently have 9 – 10 pieces in my closet.
 Does the print make you feel all the more confident?  Do you think no other print can replace a girl’s love for leopard print ? Do you feel the same as I do?  Leave a comment. 🙂
Photo Credits – Scorpion Paparazzo

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