I-Day look

15th August is just around the corner so a post for the Independence Day look is a must. No, it won’t be the typical tricolor look. The garments used in the look are all ‘ Made in India’. 
Our government is taking a lot of steps towards ‘Make in India’ campaign, and also FDCI recently launched a campaign with the #IWearHandloom to revive Indian textile industry.  It’s high time we should also follow the suit. No policy or campaign can be a success until the people of the country follow it. 
It’s important to buy from Indian designers/brands to encourage and increase their sales. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that one should stop buying from foreign brands. A balance between the two would be harmonious. 


Share your views about this look in the comment section below. 🙂
Black Tube – Thrifted
Patiala Salwar – Lakshita
Summer Blazer – Srishti Grover
Footwear – Krafted with Happiness 
Neckpiece – OSR Jewellers (Exhibition)

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