Creative ways of using Q-tips/ Cotton Swabs

Getting rid of the ear wax is the most common use of Q-tip but definitely not the only use! There are multiple ways in which one can use Q-tips in day to day life. Sharing few creative ways of using Q-tips/Cotton Swabs : –

1. Get rid of the pimple In case one has a pimple head, take a hot shower that will open up the pores then dry your skin using a towel. Now, the skin is soft, take two cotton swabs and gently press them against the pimple towards each other. And finally bid a goodbye to your pimple!

2.No more lip color bleeding – Prevent your lip color from bleeding by outlining your lips with a translucent powder using cotton swab.

3. Conceals your Eye makeup – In case of any mistakes while applying eyeliner, use cotton swab with a concealer to correct the eyeliner.

4. Helps in Contouring – Place your cotton swabs in a position that lets you do contouring easily.

5. Fix creases – In case of a creased eye shadow, use a cotton swab to blend it.

6. Portable perfume – Instead of carrying big breakable bottles with you, spray your favorite perfume on cotton swabs and store the same in a plastic bag. At the time of use take the cotton swab out, apply it on your skin and dispose it off.

7. Root touch ups – Cover all the Greys by taking the eye- shadow shade that matches your hair color on cotton swab and run it over the roots you want to cover.

8. Stuck Zipper – In case of garment zip stuck, lubricate the zipper by dipping the cotton swab in a shampoo and run it on the zipper. It will now be working fine.

9. Act as Lash Glue – Apply your eye lashes using the cotton swab dipped in the glue.

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