Buy less, Style more!

Very few people are aware of the fact that Fashion industry is the second biggest cause of pollution in the world. A big role is played by fast-fashion brands who are compromising with the quality of the clothes and selling them at dirt cheap prices.

Consumers on the other hand, are buying these clothes, wearing them once or twice and throwing them away because of it’s small life. The low quality of the garment is just one factor.
With the fast changing world, people are going crazy for latest trends which is yet another factor. They end up buying more than what they require. Ultimately, dumping the old clothes to buy the new ones. Most of the dumped clothes are non-biodegradable and hence affects the environment.

What can be done ?

1. Go for classics, they might be bit expensive but their life is longer than fast fashion clothes.
2. Buy from brands who’s ideology is Sustainable fashion.
3. We Indians have a very good quality of transferring our clothes to house help and not dumping. Continue with that!
4. Use organic detergents to wash your clothes because the other detergents have chemicals that are polluting the underground water.
5. Opt for Eco – friendly fabrics.
6. Buy less, style more!

Keeping the sixth point in mind, I wanted to show how one piece can be styled in five different ways –

1. Straight from the ’90s.

2. Office wear gets a new makeover!

3. Brunching with friends, opt for casual chic.

4. Add glamour to your casual college clothes!

5. Going for a date, chic is the way to go!

What do you think about sustainable fashion?
Do you believe in ‘Less is More’?
How you liked the five styles?
Do share your views in the comment section below.

Anchal Mehra

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