Black and White

Last year of college and that time of the year,when you are introduced to juniors and the time when you share your college experience with them.And off-course a Fresher’s Party to go on.”Black and White” was the theme.Take a look at what I wore for the same.

If you are my Instagram follower,then you must be knowing the contest I won two months back.Yeah, “Holiday Selfie Contest “which was held by Pantaloons India.I was given Rs.1000 as a part of the contest,which could be  redeemed  for any item in the store.I bought this pencil skirt from AND(yes,it was truly love at first sight 🙂 )which was for Rs.1800(I got it for 800 😀 Yeahhhh).They had amazing collection in other brands as-well.I would totally recommend you to visit the store.
Love the detailing of the Black sheer top,which I actually bumped into,while buying food. 😀 😛
As for my accessories,I used Metallic style.This was my first attempt.I hope I did justice to it.And I totally feel Metallics can dazzle any outfit.So,you should try it on too.
Skirt – AND,Pantaloons
Top – Rajouri Market 
Heels – Stush
Bag – Colette 
Earrings – Kamla Nagar 
Location – Miranda House,Delhi University
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