Beaches! Beaches! Beaches!

Wind in my hair, sand under my feet, eyes facing the beach and a relaxed mind, tells my story!
There is no better place in the world to calm yourself down than the beaches! I would like to tell you all about my favourite beaches from Sydney.

Bondi and Coogee beach, the two most popular beaches of Sydney, have a spectacular view. The area is filled with plenty of restaurants and food joints.
While heading to Bondi, do try Ogalo’s ( for Non -vegetarians) Portuguese burgers and you will thank me later!
Another beach to look out for is Bronte beach, located centrally between Bondi and Coogee beach.

La Perouse beach and Maroubra beach are quite famous with the locals. La Perouse has a small bridge connecting to Bare Island. One can sit and enjoy the view on the rocks. It is also famous for snorkelling.
Maroubra, on the other hand, is very famous with surfers and kids for their play area.

Another picturesque beach is the Avalon located in north of Sydney, is famous for surfing and it’s outdoor pool.
Few kms away from Avalon is the Palm beach, which is a very good picnic spot to spend time with family!

Known for its high waves, Collaroy beach is another place to go! The swimming pool has an easy access for disabled. Also, enjoy the high waves at the end of pool. The only disadvantage of this beach is that it has a lot of Blue bottle jellyfish. So, you have to be very careful.

Manly beach is one such place where you take a dip into crystal clear water or just sip a cup of coffee to enjoy the view.

I shot this look at the relatively secluded beach – the New Port beach. The unusual orange colour of the sand made me fall in love with the beach.

Dress – SES
Gladiators – Stelatoes
Sling, Bracelet, Sunglasses – Forever 21

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