All time favourite – Jumpsuit

After days of conversation on internet with the guy you like, the day has come when you are finally going to meet him. With this, comes the question – ” What to wear on a first date?”
Will the skirt look too short? Will the maxi make me look to dressy? Will the jeans make me look boring? Accept it, we all have gone through these days. Choosing the right clothes for the first date is crucial because ” First Impression is the last impression.” 😛
First thing to keep in mind while dressing for your date would be choosing clothes in which one feels comfortable. Second, wear something that defines you as a person. Third, experimenting with your look on a first date is not a good idea. Do it on a third date. Fourth, just smile and enjoy the day with him. 😉
Jumpsuit is a perfect piece for first date. It looks sexy without any skin show. It can be worn for both lunch date as well as dinner date. And one can never be under-dressed or over-dressed with a Jumpsuit. It is more of effortless dressing.

Jumpsuit – Forever21
Bag – Ted Baker
Neckpiece & Bracelet – Sydney
Sunglasses – Forever21
Photo Credits – Scorpion Paparazzo
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