8 Homemade DIY Lip Scrubs To Get A Kissable Pout

Fix your discolored chapped lips, with 8 Homemade DIY Lip Scrubs To Get A Kissable Pout : – 

1. Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub –Take 1 tablespoon of Brown Sugar and honey, add 5 to 6 drops of lavender essential oil. Apply this paste on your lips for 2 minutes before rinsing off. Use a balm to keep them hydrated afterwards.


2. Cinnamon Scrub – Mix ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder with ½ tablespoon of coconut oil and ½ tablespoon of olive oil. Rub this mixture gently to get rid of dead skin cells. Rinse with lukewarm water and apply a balm.


3. Orange Peel Scrub – Why throw Orange Peels? Yes, grind dried orange peels to make a powder. Add 2 tablespoon of brown sugar with 10 – 12 drops of almond oil. Mix these ingredients and apply it on your lips for a minute to treat dark or discolored lips.   


4. Rose Petals and Milk Scrub – Mash Rose petals and mix it with cold milk, rub the paste on your lips. Rose petals help in naturally lightening the discolored lips. Do this thrice a week.


5. Lemonade Lip Scrub – Mix sugar with petroleum jelly, add lemon juice to it. Gently massage the mixture on your lips for a minute before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Apply a lip balm afterwards.


6. Kiwi Strawberry Lip Scrub – Blend Strawberry and Kiwi to make a puree, add this to mixture of sugar and olive oil, stir it all together. Exfoliate your lips using this cool mixture and rinse with warm water.


7. Mint Choco Coffee Lip Scrub – Mix ½ teaspoon of cocoa, 2 tablespoons of sugar, ½ tablespoon of coffee grounds. Add this mixture to 1 tablespoon of Grapeseed oil and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil. Scrub this mixture for a minute to hydrate your lips instantly.


8. Coffee and Honey Scrub – The most readily available and easiest way of exfoliating your lips is by using 1 tablespoon of ground coffee mixed with 1 table spoon of honey. Massage the mixture on your lips in a circular motion for a minute. Rinse with warm water and apply balm. Do this twice a week for best results.


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