7 different ways of using disposable Mascara Wands

There are endless ways of using disposable Mascara wands, sharing the best and the most innovative ways to use: –

  1. Root Touch-ups – If you are tired of dyeing your hair regularly even for minor touch-ups? Use Mascara wands/spoolie instead and reach the roots easily.
  2. Eyebrow groomers – Soften sharp lines created by brow pencil by smudging it with a disposable Mascara wand/spoolie.
  3. Lip Exfoliator – Get rid of flaky lips by applying lip balm and scrubbing it away with a spoolie, to get smooth and gentle lips.
  4. Nail Art –Get creative and use spoolies to create natural designs on nails. Add different colors to your DIY nail art.
  5. Locking down Fly aways –Your elaborate hairdo isn’t looking beautiful because of the fly aways? Use a hairspray on your spoolie and gently take back the hair to settle them down. Spoolie makes it easy and helps in controlling the fly aways without touching the rest of the hair.
  6. Nail Grooming – It’s not always easy to take out the dirt from your fingernails, spoolies in this case come really handy and helps in taking out all the dirt easily.
  7. Household Cleaning – Not just your beauty problems, spoolies help you with household cleaning especially where it is too difficult to reach like cleaning your keyboard.

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